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About the studio

From father to son, over 70 years of experience in stone carving, design, art and architecture.


MC CREATIVE DISPLAYS, INC is a sculptural design studio dedicated to historical restoration and preservation. We are committed to research, production, presentation and interpretation of traditional and contemporary art and design.


MC Creative Displays, Inc. engages synesthesia of creativity in the widest sense of the word. We believe in crosspollination, mutations and integration of discourses across the artistic fields.


MC Creative Displays incorporates various traditional methods in contemporary expressiveness and thinking. We present the place where the fusion of ideas transforms the reality and open venues of lucid thinking and explore ideas at the junction of arts, design, and architecture.

Our philosophy

We are a design and sculptural studio dedicated unique ideas, implementation, creative solutions and tackling difficult projects. From historical restoration and preservation, we commit to the research, production, presentation, and interpretation of traditional and contemporary art and design.

We hand carve tables, bars, using natural stone, either from blocks or slabs. Any design is possible. We take care that customers are satisfied while the design is being made, and we are always welcome to input while it is being hand carved. In addition, we do not install the work until all parties, from the clients, designers, and architects, have approved the design and finish.  

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